My recordings

Some of these videos and recordings are of me and Soleil and some are just me playing the violin.

The audio recordings are from me.

The movie recording is from Soleil and me.

The first audio recording is me improvising on the violin

and the second is me playing chorus from Judas Maccabaeus by handle.

At Caladesi island  

I went to the beach with my family, my mom, my sister, my oncle and my aunt and my grandparents.

These are the photo’s we took on the ferry ride heading to Caladesi island. These are photos of the beach that my grandfather took:

This is me and my mom.IMG_1698

And this is only me eating an apple.




This is a video of me and Soleil on the bench swing:

It is amazingly fun!

This is my little collection of sea shells.


We also found a dead bonnet head shark on the beach.

This is a photo of my mom and Soleil on the fairy.