All about Minecraft




Minecraft is one of the Worlds, best and largest video games!—Mateo V


What I do in Minecraft:

I like doing many things in Minecraft, in this Blog I will tell you all about it and a few very cool fetures in the game.


How and why I like Minecraft:

Becouse I think that Minecraft is the most and best and most creative game that I have ever played in my life so far.


Who I play it with:

My friends.

I have one friend you plays it and he lives in Northcarolina.
I communicate to him via email.

And I have other friends that play it too.

My friends and people I know that play it:


My freinds names are Max and Alex.

They play mincraft too.
I have fun communicating with them in email and sharing our ideas together.








More about Minecraft:

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