My Birthday Party-(July 30 2017)

Yeasterday I had my birthday party.
My real birthday was not on that day, I turned ten(I can not tell you when).—For security reasons.
I had a lot of fun for my birthday.
We had Sandwiches with bread fresh from the publix backery.
And for Desert we had a cake with frosting and candles and it was a lemon cake that me and my mom made.
We also watched a movie. Called: The secret life of pets.


It was about 1 and a half hours long.
It is a kids movie rated PG.
I would recommend it for 6+.
It seemes longer than it is.
After a while there was ten minutes left of the movie, and then my other friend came. His name is Alex.
After 10 minutes everybody left but Alex. Becouse he came a little bit later.
He stayed for about 1 hour and fifteen minutes.
We were pillow fighting the hole time. It was so much fun. Me alex and my sister had a massive
pillow fight. We flung big and small pillows at each other constantly.
It was a madhouse!
When my friend Alex left, I saw that he left a card. I oppend it. Then I saw that there was money inside it.
There was 5 Dollars!
I am so psyched because around my birthday I was reciveing a lot of money from friends and family.
I also got 10 dollars from an other person.
I got a fifty dollar giftcard of amazon, so what I did is that I saved it and used it all on the computer I use that for reading on my computer so I don’t have to spend my money to do buy books that cost money.
So I used it to buy books on my computer, wihtout using my money, becouse I am tring to save up for the new iPad pro, and I currently have only 200 dollars and it costs arround $500 the new iPad pro.
I also got 40 dollars from one of my grandmothers.

It was a very fun day!

And when I got the 5 dollars that my friend gave me I hid it, so nobody could steal it(Especially Soleil).
Then I drank some water, then it was 8:30 pm so I brushed my teeth. Then I got ready to go to bed.
Then finaly I went to bed at 8:45, and I do not know if this is exacly right but I think that I fell asslep at 9
Becouse I was so tired.

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