All about gaming and more video games on the computer

Me and my freinds love doing video games with me and other people that we know.

There are also many different type of video games.
Video games are games but on the computer.
That is why they are called Video-Games.
There are many types of games:
1. Strategy games
2. Fun games
3. Sport games
4. Board games but on the computer.
5. War and fighting games
and more…

In this blog post, I am going to tell you about a few games that are very p“opular and that many people like.

Starting with: Minecraft of-course.
If you havent heard of things about minecraft, look in my blog for minecraft posts.
Becouse I have made a post all about Minecraft.

Or click this link, becouse it will bring you to my Minecraft post that I made:


And then scroll down to the minecraft post…

There are also things called gamming consouls. It is like a divece that you use to play games on.
It could be a Phone or A tablet. Usually gamming consuls are special and more advanced typed of gaming consuls.

Here are a few types of gamming consuls:


Xbox -By Microsoft
Xbox 1
Xbox 1s
Xbox 360
Apple TV
Apple TV 4K
Play station Also know as PS, – PS, 4
And more…

There are also things called gaming accesoories. Like for example; A gamming controller, a special type of remote especially made for gamming. And other stuff and things like that.

Thanks for reading my post!!!

—Mateo Valdes.


Photos of computer and game stuff:

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