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All about gaming and more video games on the computer

Me and my freinds love doing video games with me and other people that we know.

There are also many different type of video games.
Video games are games but on the computer.
That is why they are called Video-Games.
There are many types of games:
1. Strategy games
2. Fun games
3. Sport games
4. Board games but on the computer.
5. War and fighting games
and more…

In this blog post, I am going to tell you about a few games that are very p“opular and that many people like.

Starting with: Minecraft of-course.
If you havent heard of things about minecraft, look in my blog for minecraft posts.
Becouse I have made a post all about Minecraft.

Or click this link, becouse it will bring you to my Minecraft post that I made:

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Gaming & Computers

Gaming & computers

– Are modern things and toys and tools that we use very often nowadays. We use computers for; Gaming, Programing, Personal stuff, and reasherch.

Now with extreem gaming computers we can have more entertaining. And now many people can have a computer programing job. And we can use a computer as a work or busines or personal computer. It can even be all three. and now for personal stuff, now we can have email and FaceTime, and Skype and messages. It makes it much easeyer to communicate. There are many different types of computers. There is a PC and a tablet. and TV’s and radios. They are all electronic computer devices. Now we use cell phones. That is an electrical device.
We can also use computers for public use. for example; Face book, Twiter, and bloging websites.