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My Lego Robot.

I have a mindstorms Lego robot. I really like it becouse you can do really cool stuff with it. You can program your own robot!
If you are an adult, and if you want to educate your kid in robotics, start with Lego mindsstorms it is a great lego platform.

If you want more information about Lego Mindstroms go here:

There are two different types of Mindstorm kits, the NXT is the old and cheaper version of mindstorms but it is good for a start and if you are beginign to do Lego robotics. Then, there is the EV3 Version. It is newer and it looks different and it is more expensive. I would reccomemd to get first the NXT to start with, becouse it is cheaper and easyer to start. Then the EV3.

There are also other types of Robotics kits that are good for young kids like; Gimu Robot. You can get a Gimu robot at the apple website. Just go to:

Gimu robot website on the apple store:



Other apple toys and assesories.

—Mateo V