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Interesting and Sad article to read!(Recommended!)

If you are in a mood, that you want to relax, like on the couch somtimes and read an article, I would recommend going to DOGO news, it is a kids article program.
But the thing is, its not only for kids, it has a lot of intreseting facts and articles that are now happening now world wide. You can also browse by grades: 3-8.

Tuesday December 20

Today I woke up at 6:30 and went downstaris, then I went to the bathroom then did more computer, then at around 6:50 my dad was awake and out of bed making coffee.

At 7:30 my mom was awake and out of bed making oatmeal and cereal. After I ate my oatmeal my mom prepared me two soft boiled egs, then I played a few rounds of chess with my sister Soleil then I played a long round of chess with my mom then I started doing my violin practice at home four about 1 hour, I do violin almost every day for 1 hour.

After my violin my sister started to do her cello while me and my aunt Becky were doing computer together. Then My aunt Khaya came and watched my sister playing her cello.

My sister plays cello almost everyday for about 30-45 minutes a day.

Then when my sister Soleil was finished we were all doing stuff together.

Then at 11:30  my grandfather came over at our house and brought the Cat to our house to not be with the dog for a couple weeks until the dog leaves.

After that my grandfather went back to his house.

After about 15 minutes my mom left to the store while me and my aunt Becky were staying in the house doing computer together.

At about 12:40 my mom came back to the house while me and my aunt Becky were still doing computer together.

It is 11:40 and my mom is getting ready  lunch

And by the way here is a photo of the lights on the stairs and lights and decorations on the Christmas tree:

Photo on 12-20-16 at 11.34 AM.jpgimg_1305